Why we need a SUN?
What makes us alive? What makes us happy? What makes us dream and grow, makes us creative? What makes us funny and healthy? It’s The Sun, definitely! And we deliver The Sun 365 days per year! Hence you can drink The Sun every day if you like. To feel alive, to be happy, to dream and grow.
What is cold-pressed not pasteurized juice?
Cold-pressed juice means that the juices are squeezed with slow juicer that does not generate any heat in the process. From the time we take a fruit a temperature never rises above +4 ℃. What is more, utilizing vacuum, every small part of the fruits is pressed into the bottle for the maximum nutrition and taste. That’s how nutrition in SUN365 bottles is up to five times higher compared with fresh juices pressed with centrifugal juicer! SUN365 is living raw juice that have to kept in the fridge.
How fresh product can last for one month?
Bacteria do not like great depth under the water, so they do not like being in SUN365 bottle as well. Our bottle is exposed to pressure in the water that is equal to 4 times deeper than the deepest place in the ocean. This simple but highly sophisticated method ensures that nutrition, taste and smell properties of the fruits and veggies in the bottle are not affected, while at the same time it ensures that every bottle is totally safe to drink.
Should I keep my SUN bottle in the fridge?
Yes, it’s raw, living juices so you have to take care of them and always keep in the fridge.
I’ve noticed that smoothies contain sugar. Is that healthy for me?
There is one major difference between naturally occurring sugars (found in fruits) and refined sugar. These sugars behave very differently in our body. Added sugar in processed meals and drinks should be a reason to avoid them or stop consuming at all. It plays a major role in epidemics of obesity and other related diseases. BUT there is no scientific evidence that the fructose content in fruits posses any health risk in humans. By contrast to this, consumption of fruits or veggies is scientifically associated with significantly lower risk of obesity and diabetes not to mention cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer.
Can my kids drink SUN365?
Definitely! It’s even a better choice than freshly squeezed juices made in a home kitchen. Mainly because we ensure food safety by eliminating harmful bacteria, which could be especially risky to children’s health.
Can vegans and living food lovers drink SUN 365?
Yes! SUN365 is cold-pressed and never heated, which means it never exceeds +4C. What is more our juices and smoothies are made only from plant based ingredients, so it is perfectly suitable for vegans and living food lovers!
Does SUN365 contain GMOs?
We think that best things are created by mother nature, so we do not and will not use any GMO ingredients.